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How business needs can be fulfilled through online presence in today's Scenario

A business’s online presence is incredibly important. Whether you’re in a niche market or in a more traditional field, it counts for a great deal. In today’s digitalized world, people take advantage of the internet to solve their problems or answer their questions - and as it happens, you can do both online! Having an online presence is a significant aspect of doing business online with web development and web design nowadays.
Persistent Infotech helped multiple organisations of various sizes create their online website development presences. Sometimes companies are hesitant to get online because they don't feel like they're tech-savvy enough, which is understandable and a very valid concern. On the other hand, there are also instances in which companies have concerns that go beyond just being unfamiliar with the technicalities; they question whether it would be expensive and if it would be worth their while. Even though many worry that hiring outside help might be more costly in the long run than handling design and hosting duties themselves - with my established agency providing high level, skilled services of website development and website design at competitive prices they can rest easy knowing that quality will not sacrifice pricing.

Reasons To Go With Online Business With Website Development & Design

  • Trustworthiness:
  • One of the main reasons you should go for web development and web design and have a website for your business is to increase your organisation's credibility. Chances are there are several providers offering an almost identical product or service to yours. One way companies stand apart from one another is by having a matching logo that they use consistently throughout all of their marketing material, as well as have specific colours and fonts associated with their brand. This not only makes a company look more professional, but it transpires its quality level!
    Having a website says a lot about the trustworthiness of your business. Nowadays when someone hears about a new company, they may feel uneasy if there is no way to confirm its existence online. Your website will give potential users peace of mind that you are indeed a real business and not some scam artist just looking for their money.

  • Brand:
  • Showcasing your brand to your prospective customers is one of the most important things that you can do. Marketers are taught to effectively convey the value proposition of a product or service, but at its core it’s all about who you are and what matters to you. If you clearly establish this in everything you do, not only will it increase the chances of your customers buying from you, but they'll be more likely to buy again and recommend you to others.
    A website or blog is crucial to a business, as it's the primary means of communicating with potential and current clients. Without one, it can be incredibly difficult to develop a rapport that puts you ahead of your competitors who do have one. It's important for a company's site not just to contain information on what products they make and how much profit they are making off them each year, but also examples of the media coverage that the company has gotten in various news sources about their most recent product launches.

  • Leads:
  • One of the most effective ways to get leads as an entrepreneur is by web development or design and having a website which is specifically designed to generate leads and create awareness for your business.
    Once people find you online, they begin to show interest in your product or service and would like to know more, have faith that the information on your website will give them sufficient insight into what you do and how they can get in touch with you. After all, it can be hard to turn down a wonderfully designed website even if there's nothing immediately available on it for them to purchase right away - well maybe not right away... but instead of just leaving them curious about where to go next, it's better that you direct or guide your market so as to increase your sales growth rapidly. Even though websites have a cost, when used correctly, they have a positive ROI.

  • Time Saving or Best Customer Service :
  • Many businesses suffer from calls about simple questions about location and hours of operation. If you miss the call, the customer is left unhappy. There are three main types of calls that most businesses receive: Missed calls from buyers who want to order products or services, or ask your advice or recommendation. Also if you know your business has a niche market like vet practices for example, there could be a lot of failure leads in which you're needed and apart from being missed by the owner because he hasn't had time to answer them, it can also mean lost revenue for his practice as someone else comes along and answers question that he would have otherwise received.
    Persistent Infotech design and build fully responsive, custom websites which are tailored to be unique and built solely for you. This tailored and bespoke approach means that whatever your visions are for your business or website, Persistent Infotech will make sure that every part of it is tailored to reflect this. Persistent Infotech take great pride in being able to translate your vision into a fully responsive, custom-made website that represents all the qualities you want it to have, by listening carefully to what you have in mind rather than imposing our own pre-conceived concepts on the project or client.


    Persistent Infotech offer two types of websites: Static or Dynamic. Persistent Infotech design websites for a dynamic range of organisations from various sectors including community, NGO, professional trade and services, e-commerce websites, etc. Websites help in your search engine ranking so having a rational design can help you to be more visible on the internet. Persistent Infotech provide different kinds of designs for different kinds of business.
    Static Websites: These are most effective for the people who don’t change their services very soon.
    Dynamic Websites: These contains web pages that changes dynamically as per the client’s gives varied information each time the web page loads.
    When you choose to let our team give you a helping hand with your digital marketing projects, you're in good hands. Our experience and expert knowledge will help propel your business especially with regards to getting ahead of your competition in Google & other search engines.

    Our Web Design Features Include :

    1. Landing Page : Persistent Infotech creates many websites in which there is also one page website or we can say only Landing Page Website. Landing Page is a web page that is designed to convert visitors into leads or customers. It is typically a standalone page that is distinct from your website's other pages. A landing page typically has a form that visitors can fill out to request more information or to sign up for a newsletter or other service.
    2. Three Main Features of Landing Page Website are :
      Single Goal.
      Simple Website.
      SEO Landing Page.
    3. Mobile Friendly:
    4. We create a website which is mobile and user friendly. It is a website that is designed to be easy to use on a mobile device. This can include smaller text, easy to click buttons, and a layout that is easy to navigate. Mobile friendly websites are important because they provide a good user experience for those who are visiting the site on a mobile device.
    5. Responsive Website :
    6. Our created websites are Responsive in nature. A responsive website is one that is designed to respond to the user's environment and provide an optimal experience. It is important to have a responsive website because it provides a better user experience and can improve your search engine ranking.
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