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Welcome to Persistent Infotech Training Courses

We at Persistent Infotech are modernized advancing subject matter experts. Following a long time of working personally with our customers, we began to see there was a veritable necessity for us to talk in more noticeable knowledge about our fitness to assist them with gaining more unmistakable headway eventually, collectively and as a business.
So we started two or three courses worked with by our in-house advertising subject matter experts. They were so viable we stretched out the range and dates to wrap a more essential breadth of cutting edge capacities to help you and your business achieve the targets that you need.

We presently cover:

  • Google items including Analytics, Ad Words, Ad sense and Blogging.
  • Publicizing across the Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Change Optimization and User Experience.
  • Search engine optimization, Social Media and Content Marketing.
  • And then some...

  • Today, our broad, proficient advanced showcasing courses run from 8 am until around 8 pm and are held at Dwarka, New Delhi. You we can visit our office additionally for Demo Classes. Every one of our offices are open, brilliant, perfect and contemporary.
    We keep classes little, you'll have free admittance to the most recent gear, and your educators will utilize both a big screen and basic whiteboard to exhibit and explain each applicable point.

    Digital Marketing Course Module

    Module-1 Digital Marketing Overview (3 Hours)
    Module-2 Planning & Development of website (12 Hours)
    Module-3 Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis (4 Hours)
    Module-4 Search Engine Optimization (24 Hours)
    Module-5 Social Media Marketing (21 Hours)
    Module-6 Email & SMS Marketing (6 Hours)
    Module-7 Online Display Advertising (3 Hours)
    Module-8 Ecommerce Marketing (6 Hours)
    Module-9 Content Marketing (6 Hours)
    Module-10 Mobile Web Marketing (4 Hours)
    Module-11 Google Analytics (6 Hours)
    Module-12 Google Webmaster (4 Hours)
    Module-13 PPC Advertising/-Google Adwords (12 Hours)
    Module-14 Creating Digital Marketing Strategy(4 Hours)
    Module-15 Adsense & Blogging (6 Hours)
    Module-16 Lead Generation For Business (4 Hours)
    Module-17 Affiliate Marketing (6 Hours)
    Module-18 How To Grab Freelancing Projects? (3 Hours)
    Module-19 Online Reputation Management (3 Hours)
    Module-20 Adword & Facebook Certification Prepration (6 Hours)

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