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Political Advertising in India is like the icing on the cake of political campaigning during elections! Political advertising is as much an art as it is a science. Get it right, and you'd be a winner.

Political advertising in India includes but is not limited to election advertising. Well planned investment in political advertising can enable political parties and political candidates to influence their electorate or voters; or to comment on, or create a political debate on any issue through innovative political advertising strategies. Political advertising may also include advertising that informs or creates awareness about relevant political issues, or issues of public interest, and advertising related to create awareness about, or to promote government policies. Such advertising forms the core of a political advertising campaign strategy in India.

Online marketing is essential for modern businesses, regardless of their industry. Everyone is able to study your company and its services by visiting your website, without even having to pay you a personal visit anymore! There are many ways to promote your products electronically, one of which being online marketing – including digital marketing! Offline promotional methods like political campaigns remain effective yet they require an investment on the politician’s part which should not be taken lightly. A political campaign is meant to establish goodwill and trust with the public, which can help support the candidate in the polls!
Campaigning in the 21st century is evolving every day. People now choose to remain social and involved with news, politics and other personal interests online rather than on traditional media like TV or newspapers. This means that politicians need to adapt to this new form of campaigning by reaching out to their audiences in a way that they can relate to - via social media channels. People want information fast, so they rely on sites like Facebook and Twitter to get it. Politicians must use these tools too, obviously - because if they don’t keep up, changes in engagement (and voting) could lead them down an unfortunate path where election outcomes may be decided through videos uploaded on YouTube or photos shared on Instagram.
Online political advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach out to voters on a large scale. Brand recognition, customer engagement & influence are the main goals for any political party. Persistent infotech makes it easy for politicians to connect with their intended audience as well as other audience members who self-identify with their political outlooks and values at a low cost which helps drive overall party sustainability & voter support. More than just the top IT solution company, Persistent Infotech works to stay ahead of the curve in business trends. It is common for most organizations to simply follow current trends, but it always pays to be working on developing new ones. Whether you’re a business owner or are working with a political campaign, using advertising services can have a hugely positive effect on your brand, website popularity and ultimately attract more customers for your products or agenda.
Our dedicated team of digital marketers and political campaign managers are acquired to provide support on social media and appreciate the targeted audience. Working with the political party or individual candidate, we help to create an online presence on different popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and many more.

How do we help in Political Advertising?

Digital Marketing is revolutionizing the way that politicians reach and engage with their constituents. By making it easy to connect with voters and other influencers who have similar ideologies or interests. Instead, they have a much easier way of reaching out to people who already share similar values which helps to raise awareness of the candidate’s stance on political causes and current issues in short periods of time via platforms such as email marketing, videos on YouTube or WhatsApp messaging, etc. In fact, digital means can be used to reach not only those within one's own country but all over the world (including foreign voters) at a fraction of the cost it would take for traditional marketing methods.
Persistent Infotech has worked with many politicians. They are associated with numerous political parties and businesses as a professional political consultant. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals has been instrumental in helping several politicians rise to be leaders and winners of elections by providing them with effective political promotion services, which we specialize in. Some of the areas over the years that we as Persistent have focused on include event management, social media marketing, reputation management aka brand awareness, content creation (such as blogs and articles), website development, analytics and influencer outreach.

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