As an Amazon approved catalogue service in India, Persistent Infotech is here to assist you with getting off to a running start as a retailer on the world’s top online marketplace: Amazon. Amazon does have a set of rules for administrators who wish to manage client accounts. Our teams of professionals are well-versed with all the intricacies of AWS Service Catalog and we can help you launch your products on the top ecommerce platform.

What We Do For You On Amazon

1.) Catalogue Service for Amazon India -

We handle the complete catalogue service for Amazon India (or other country specific amazon sites). This includes creating database of photographs of products and linking them with appropriate content written by our expert content writers to convert visitors to buyers while giving our maximum information in the most concise way.

2.) Account Creation -

We create the account of client at the Preferred marketplace to proceed forward and also take the brand approval (GTIN) to make your product online.

3.) Product Listing -

Our team do listing of products by upload images and text to Amazon template in full compliance with Amazon.

4.) Promotion -

Account launch and the promotion of uploaded products is done by us through the process of smo and seo.

5.) Daily Updation -

We update and refresh contents on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as may be agreed upon.

6.) Amazon Boost Services -

We offer premium Amazon boost services that help drive traffic and improve conversions on your Amazon product pages. Since this is an open competitive marketplace we keep tabs on prices and help you make the best offers.

7.) Product Portfolios Creation -

We create customised product portfolios from which products can be launched or (when stocks are exhausted) removed, enabling full, up to the minute control and accurate information for buyers.

How To Start To Sell Products On Amazon - Step By Step Guide

1) Register As Amazon Seller

Documents Required for Registration on Amazon -

1.) PAN Card.

2.) GSTIN Number (mandatory for selling on Amazon).

3.) Bank account and supporting KYC documents (ID Proof, Address Proof, and Cancelled cheque).

4.) For private label brand then Trademark/ Brand undertaking or authorization.

5.) Optional For Amazon fulfillment need to add the additional business address of Amazon in GSTIN doc.

For register on Amazon visit here and start registration to make your product online.

2) Product Research

It is better to do some research on products that can be sold fast with a high turnover rate. Amazon does offer this facility to find out which products are fast selling through its sales rank feature. Any rank over 50 is good and you can select that product. If you are starting to trade, research on choosing the right product category is important.

3.) Find Supplier

1.) One way is to contact retail malls and find out products that are being disposed of in bundled offers or at highly discounted prices. Buy these at a low price and sell at the printed price or at a slightly lower discount.

2.) Contact wholesale distributors and get into a long-term tie up and negotiate special prices. You may have to buy a certain quantity within a certain time period. There may be minimum order quantities involved.

3.) Make your own product such as spice mixtures, herbal formulations or handicraft items. Be careful about spice mixtures, foods, and herbal formulations because you may have to meet with Amazon’s rules and eligibility criteria as well as local and international regulations. One big hurdle to making and selling products on Amazon is to know in -detail Amazon seller fees for handmade products.

4.) Get in touch with local small-scale manufacturers and source products from them.

4.) Create Listing Of Your Product

5.) Create Shipping Plan

6.) Calculating Profits And Costs Of Products On Amazon

7.) Checking Eligibility Criteria To Sell On Amazon

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