ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

ORM is required for absolutely every size and type of business. It doesn't matter if you are selling goods or services in person or online, ORM is crucial. Truth is, the internet has become a double edged sword. Imagine what it would be like growing your brand without the opportunity to have your own profile where you could write all about yourself, your achievements and the great things you've done? It's important that you protect and nurture this forum so that everyone who visits can learn more about you AND your products/services at once.

Why is Online Reputation Management necessary?

It is important for everyone to have a profile, including the company. It is the first thing that comes up on any search engine when people look for your business and reviews. Customers want to know what other people’s experiences were with your product or service before they decide if they should do business with your company or not. If a business has its own profile, there’s a better chance of it getting more views and customers reading about why others decided to do business with said company. Let’s say you own a cafe, but have had low ratings online because customers took issue with the no space to sit and use their laptops while having their coffee - making for an inconvenient experience as opposed to if there was space.

Persistent Infotech provides Online reputation management solutions (ORM) to several clients that go a long way in helping them generate more leads and sales online, offering solutions designed to address some of the common problems associated with public perception about the subject of an organization's activities on the Internet.

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